HP 17.3″ Laptop AMD A10 Quad Core 8GB RAM 1TB HD Review


Did I tell you I received a HP 17.3″ Laptop for Christmas? I didn’t? Oh my gosh, shame on me, because I totally did! It was a surprise gift too. I really wanted one and the girls received theirs from Santa ( Dells and I will also be reviewing them) so I was hoping for a little Santa love too. But after all the gifts were opened, I was a little sad because no Santa love. But then we found a gift that had been hidden! Santa did love me, he did! Inside was a pretty purple laptop ( pictured above) and I was floored and excited at the same time.

I had a laptop but the girls destroyed it when they were younger and I never had the funds to replace it. I love my Asus tablet and use it a lot but I really needed a laptop that all of the function of my desktop. Santa shops at QVC and found this amazing HP 17.3″ Laptop with AMD A10 Quad Core. It has 8 GB of ram and a 1TB hard drive, just perfect for everything I needed it to do. With that 1 TB hard drive I knew I would have plenty of room for my games, movies, files, and pics. It also has Windows 8 which I really hated in the beginning but love now. So I was very happy with that!


Set up was a breeze but normally is with an HP. I really love HP because everything is simple to use and made really well. We still have two desktops from HP that are as old as the hills and run great. My Dad uses one for his card games and surfing the net. You don’t have to worry about quality with a HP. Some of the features that really excited me where:

  • 17.3″ diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit display with 1600×900 resolution ( the colors are crystal clear and I love the backlighting because I don’t feel like I am straining to see. It does however drain the battery if you are not using the power saver)


  • SuperMulti DVD burner- ( I do a lot of DVD burning and CD’s also. This is really easy to use. Just pop the disc inside and HP will walk you through it. )


  • Tw0 3.0 USB ports. ( I love 3.0 USB ports because they run faster and all fix performance issues, which is a huge plus when I have to plug other devices in.)


  • HP TrueVision HD webcam with integrated microphone- (I don’t really use my webcam a lot because, well I just don’t. But I do use my microphone quite a bit when I am doing tutorial videos. So having one on the laptop is so much easier than a stupid headset. The sound is crystal clear, meaning I don’t have to look like I am making out with the laptop to be heard)
  • Super sensitive keyboard and mouse pad. ( I really love the keyboard because I barely have to touch the keys. Not only is it quiter, perfect for late night work, but it is easier on my fingers. While I love the mousepad, it is a little to sensitive, so I use a wireless mouse.)


All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better laptop. It has everything I wanted and then some. Of course like any gadget you buy it is not perfect, so here are the features I would have liked to have seen:

  1. A backlit keyboard. This would be great for late night work so you don’t have to burn a light. Plus it helps old people like me see better.
  2. A little lighter weight. It weighs close to 6lbs. The girls laptops are just a little over 3 and easy to carry. While this one is lighter than others on the market it is still heavy when lugging it and other stuff around.
  3. A longer battery life. I know I can buy one but I think HP could offer a longer lasting one with this laptop. Using the backlight ( which I really need) can drain the battery making it only around 2 hours before I have to plug in.

Those are minor inconveniences considering all of the features it does have. The best part is Santa didn’t spend an arm and a leg on this amazing laptop. In fact Santa didn’t even have to pay it all at once. This laptop is being sold by QVC for $689.00 on 6 easy pays of $114.83 AND free shipping! You can’t beat that and I know it made Santa really happy!

Oh and PS- It came with a free printer– no joke and it is a great little printer.

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