Tax Time Equals Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web Plan!

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My Mom has a prehistoric cell phone. You know the one I am talking about. It has buttons, no touch screen and it takes 30,000 minutes to text on it because you have push until you find the letter. Not only that but the poor thing was taped together. It was on it’s last legs people and I for one was ready to put it out of it’s misery. It was time to get her an Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan from Walmart!


My Moms birthday is this month and it is also my parents anniversary. Every year I strive to be the favorite child by getting awesome gifts. I was at a loss this year,  and then thought “Wow, why not get them phones?” They are still on Verizon, still spending an obscene amount of money on service and not really great service at that. I have been on Walmart’s Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan now for several months. I love how cheap my phone bill is every month and knew it could save my parents some serious cash. So I headed out to Walmart to by a phone for my Mom and well, I ended up buying 3!

After talking the sales associate ( His name was Steve and he was awesome by the way) he recommended the Concord. I already knew it was a great phone because I purchased one for Alianna’s birthday in September. We thought it would be a great phone for my Mom and Dad because  it’s easy to use and a great learner smart phone. The price was $49.88 and I couldn’t pass that up. So I actually bought 3 phones. 1 for my Mom, 1 for my Dad and 1 for my oldest. Not only was I going to be the favorite child but the awesome Mom too. Of course, I couldn’t buy the phones without the SIM cards to activate them. For $25.00 each I was able to grab them too.  For a little over $224.00 I was able to buy 3 phones and 3 activation cards. How cool is that? Plus, we were going to save a ton on our cell phone bill! Cha-ching!

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I tell all my friends about Walmart #FamilyMobile.  You can get unlimited talk, text, and web for $39.88 a month for the first phone and then $35.00 for each additional phone. That is unlimited everything and you can buy boosters if you want. You can’t beat that price. And, Walmart has a great selection of phones for under a $100, you can’t beat that either. I have never had an issue with my service. Not only that, but Walmart has great customer service. At Christmas time I was having a hard time finding money to pay the bill and I called them to explain. I was able to put a little money down and then pay it when I had it. It was so easy and you can’t believe how much weight lifted off of my shoulders. I really hate owing bills and I was so happy to not have to worry about it.

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It is also really easy to sign up. Everyone decided to get new numbers so I was able to add them right on to my bill. It only took 10 minutes to get each phone registered and ready to go. In no time at all they were on their way to setting their phones up. Also, Family Mobile has a great resource site that teaches you about your phone. This  really came in handy for my parents because this was their very first smart phone. They were able to figure a lot of stuff out by themselves. It was a lot of fun watching them learning about their phones and laughing over how cool it is.

It’s tax time and there is no better way to #MaxYourTax than getting a new phone and service! We are actually going to start putting the money we saved in a jar and count it this time next year. I can’t wait to find out how much money we did save! I wonder if I should go ahead and by my grass skirt for Hawaii?




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